Monday, November 24, 2008

Makiya's Limo Lunch

Makiya got to go on the limo lunch today for kids who sold 30 or more tubs of cookie dough! She was SO excited and had such a great time! Here she is outside on the car ramp waiting for the limo (they had to make 3 trips).

And here she is waiting for the limo in the hallway because it started pouring down rain and was blowing under the porch roof.

Getting into the limo - finally!

Having fun at Pizza Hut!

The limo!

Friday, October 31, 2008

Angelina Ballerina

Makiya had "dress as your favorite storybook character" at school today - so last night we threw together this costume. She went as Angelina Ballerina - the white mouse that does ballet in a pink tutu. I thought it turned out mighty cute for a last-minute idea. The ears are some easter bunny ears curled up and then I put a pink bow in the middle. I think she looked adorable! :)

Making a cross-o-lantern

This has become an October tradition in the Gouge house! Daddy and the girls clean out the pumpkin (while I take pictures) and then Michael carves a cross in it. The girls love it - but it grosses them out every time! So funny!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Go Tigers!

The girls have really gotten into the Friday night football games at the high school. I, of course, think they are the cutest little tiger-fans ever!

After Ike came to town...

We really didn't have much damage. We are very thankful that our house was untouched. When Rita came through 3 years ago - this house had to be completely gutted (I've been told). This time we had one tree down and it was short enough that it didn't touch the house. It did, however, take out the girls new swingset. :(

On the front side of the house, however, things were apparently quite peaceful. When we got home, though branches were strewn about all over, and we'd seen SO many trees down - there sat the girls' 1/2 empty bottle of bubbles on the windowsill!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Everybody dance, dance!

Tuesday, the girls started their new Ballet and Tumbling classes. They are both so excited. Alysabeth has been dreaming of this for 1/2 her life :) And Makiya is really loving the tumbling. They're both getting great exercise and learning new things and meeting new people. Plus, they look awfully cute in their little outfits! :)

First Day of School!

Monday was the girls' first day of school! Look how big they're getting! They are, without a doubt, the 2 best kids in the world! :)

Makiya is in 1st grade now and starts getting "real" grades this year. She already got her first "100"!
Alysabeth is in pre-K and LOVING it! She has really come out of her shell this year. Everyone at school is commenting on how much different and more grown up she is this year. She sees me in the hallway and, if she even acknowledges me, just waves and keeps on going.
Here are the girls new backpacks for the year. Alysabeth got a My Little Pony one with "real" hair to style. Makiya wanted a "sling" backpack with the one strap. I found this Croc one online and she has had fun decorating it with all the little Croc jibbitz things. It's the only one like it at her school!